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So i dont know if xeloda is better or not as far as the side effects.

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Information about Xeloda.

Whether you have a full or empty stomach can affect how much of a drug gets into your bloodstream.

Other than warfarinno formal drug-drug interaction studies between XELODA and other CYP2C9 substrates have been conductedCare should be exercised when XELODA is coadministered with CYP2C9 substrates.

UsesXeloda often is used in combination with other anticancer medicinesTypically it’s used to treat metastatic breast cancer that has stopped responding to TaxolTaxotereand Adriamycin.

The dose of phenytoin and the dose of coumarin-derivative anticoagulants may need to be reduced when either drug is administered concomitantly with XELODAsee DRUG INTERACTIONS

Additional informationXeloda is in an inactive form when you take itYour liverand then enzymes in the cancer cellsconvert it to its active cancer-fighting form5-fluorouracilCancer cells contain high levels of an enzyme that converts Xeloda to its active stateThis two-step activation process means that a higher concentration of the medicine ends up in the cancer tissuerather than in healthy tissue.

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it may affect how xeloda works.

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